Top Free WYSIWYG Text Editing Tools


Trumbowyg is a code editor optimized for HTML5 and it supports most of the popular browsers. like IE9 +, Firefox, Chrome … As I see it contains all the tools for text editing with content quantity only 20Kb. It’s lightweight, it will help your website run smoother.
In addition it also has other support plugins to help you work better such as inserting emojis, Support languages for other countries , add sound, insert special characters …


TinyMCE 5 is an editor that gives you the flexibility to edit, add or remove sections Expect in this program with ease. Apart from the basics for an editor then I find it also provides a lot of support for better user experience like adding comments, testing Check path, provide premium icons and interfaces, check spelling for content … However, this is also Its weak point because if you want to use premium tools, you have to pay about 25 dollars per month.


Quill is an open source editor so feel free to use it for all types of websites Commercial or non-commercial. It is built with many functions such as adding links, images, video or adding code snippets to the content … My favorite point about Quill is the easy setup and display is on all modern and responsive web browsers on multiple device screens, with directions detailed instructions on common problems with using it.


Trix is an open source editor that allows you to compose messages, write comments, write post … in the web with ease. It is rated over 15K stars on github and is well programmed tablets used. If you only need the functions needed for creating content, then Trix is the same great choice.

Jodit Editor 3

Jodit Editor 3 is an open source github editor written in plain TypeScript. do not use any additional libraries. It allows you to set it up in many ways like via npm, load about, use a CDN … for your website. What I like about it is that in addition to the detailed instructions there is also a program that gives us the freedom to choose which tools to attach to Jodit Editor through the code that contains the attributes automatically set below (This is in the examples section)


Summernote is an open source editor on github with over 9K stars votes. It is set Designed through Bootstrap framework with all the features needed for creating content on your website. You just need to download its source file css, js and add the Bootstrap framework (Support two versions 3 and 4 too. ok) is already available for your website.


Editor.js is an open source block-styled editor. It will not use tags HTML like normal editors that will output the content as JSON makes it easy easier to manage. It also supports plugins through the use of APIs. Thanks to this should any function Any developer can contribute more interesting and useful plugins to this program.


MediumEditor is an open source editor built in to edit content to look like the page web Medium is for people blogging. It only contains the basic utilities needed for the editor so it’s only about 28kB. This will help your website be optimized. Also if we want to add other features To optimize editing, MediumEditor also provides additional external utility tools updated update regularly.


Wysihtml is an open source editor built by the Voog team. It is fully functional To help you edit text easily and is supported on most modern screen browsers device image today. There are a number of tools that I quite like about it is the automatic conversion of inappropriate HTML tags Rate, automatically analyze content when copied from Word, PDF, display content as HTML …


ContentTools is an open source editor built in to help edit HTML content one by one easy way. It provides a full range of utilities for editing content and you can also add messages Institute, other utilities into the program easily (See API section offline). Also I found it there Articles on how to set, add or remove functions in the program … are very detailed and meticulous.


Froala is an editor that is easy to set up for the website and allows you to open it Wide range of features depending on intended use. Since it is written in pure javascript you can use for Most modern front-end frameworks today. Also it offers lots of useful tools as well edit images, add or edit videos, add icons, manage panels … However if you want to use that For commercial purposes, a license must be purchased.


Redactor is a fully functional editor with a beautiful and simple design. With Over 9 years of development including many support plugins, I think this is a good product for you to use its website. In addition it has extremely detailed examples for every common problem programmers encounter the process of using the program. However, it also has a drawback that you will have to buy a license when using it for commercial purposes.



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